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Learn About the Ice Vest™

What is it?

Infographic describing ice vest cooling vest features. Direct cooling: The most effecting cooling method for removing excess body heat.  Continuous Cooling: Replaceable and refreezable ice panels for extended cooling.  High Heat/Humidity: Works in environments that diminish the body's natural means of cooling.  Lightweight: At 4 pounds, it is the lightest, thinnest phase change vest.  Adjustable: One size fits most between XS and 6X.  Hygienic: Can be disinfected and is machine washable.  Full Range of Motion: Flexible fit for complete mobility and motion
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Who is it for?

High Humidity

Direct cooling is the best defense in high humidity.

Glasses of water with condensation showing high humidity

High BMI

A higher body mass index with a higher fat percentage leads to an increased risk of overheating.

Person standing on a scale showing high BMI

Confined Spaces

Lack of airflow in a confined space decreases the body's ability to cool naturally.

Man working in an attic that is a confined space
Medication being put into a weekly dosage case


Some medications can cause increased sensitivity to heat.

Man working in a hot work environment foundry setting

Above 95°F(35°C)

Heat stress can impact mental and physical capacity long before reaching an extreme risk level.

Construction worker actively working in the heat

High Activity Level

Increased activity level leads to increased body core temperature.

People wearing protective coverings

Protective Coverings

Protective coverings, even thin, trap heat and increase body core temperature.

History of Heat Stress

Anyone who has experienced even one heat stress incident in the past is more susceptible to the effects of heat.

Ambulance driving on the road

Why the Ice Vest™?

Telegraph key operators tasked with working in an environment of increasing temperatures showed an increase in mistakes as the temperature increased.

The cost of heat related illness to a business can be substantial. Often overlooked is the impact of heat stress before reaching an event. Rising core body temperatures can reduce quality, decrease productivity, escalate conflict, increase turnover and compromise safety.

Infographic showing nonfatal occupational injuries.  Some are attributed to exposure to environmental heat, while others such as falls, slips, overexertion are not but may have a root cause related to heat stress.

How it works

This short video explains how the Ice Vest™ was designed to be the most effective cooling solution in any environment.

Safety is a culture.

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